July 10, 2012
Krebs-Gedächtnis dank trifunktionaler Antikörper
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Company Overview

Founded in 1998, TRION Pharma focuses on the development of a unique family of trifunctional antibodies called Triomab®. These compounds simultaneously activate the most crucial immune defense mechanisms against cancer, thereby destroying tumor cells with previously unknown potency and precision.

Moreover, the patient's immune system seems to emerge from Triomab® treatment with improved, long-term cancer immunity - an effect that can otherwise only be achieved through vaccination.
In 2009, Removab® (catumaxumab), the most advanced candidate of the Triomab® family, received EU market approval for the intaperitoneal treatment of malignant ascites. Removab® is not only the first drug indicated for the treatment of malignant ascites, but also the first approved bispecific, trifunctional antibody worldwide. It is marketed by TRION’s partner Fresenius Biotech.

TRION Pharma has a close cooperation with Fresenius Biotech GmbH on three Triomab® compounds, including Removab®. The two other product candidates within the cooperation target B-cell lymphoma and breast cancer.
In addition, TRION Pharma has established proprietary GMP production capacity large enough to meet the anticipated global market demand for Removab®.
TRION Pharma is working closely with TRION Research GmbH on the further development of Triomab® projects. Learn more about our growing pipeline of undefinedTriomab® programs.