July 10, 2012
Krebs-Gedächtnis dank trifunktionaler Antikörper
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Focus on Production

Immediately following the company's launch, TRION set out to build its first manufacturing plant. As early as 2002, it was certified to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards and a second plant followed in 2008.

The production of therapeutic proteins is far more complex than that of traditional small molecules. The size difference between biological and chemical products alone is substantial: antibodies are some 800 times larger than aspirin molecules. They consist of long chains of amino acids that can form many different 3D structures, only one of which is functional. The final configuration, however, is largely determined by the production process. Both the cell type and its culture conditions on the one hand, and process flow up to purification and formulation on the other hand, influence the final product. For this reason, the biopharmaceutical manufacturing process forms an essential part of the market authorization application and is rigorously monitored by the responsible authorities, even after market launch. TRION's production capabilities are therefore a cornerstone of the company's success.