July 10, 2012
Krebs-Gedächtnis dank trifunktionaler Antikörper
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Key information on Triomab®
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Pioneers in Trifunctional Antibodies

The human immune system is usually quite effective at identifying and eliminating abnormal cells. Cancer cells, however, can form tumors and spread throughout the body as they develop a range of strategies to escape the immune system’s control mechanisms.

It has therefore been a long-standing vision of physicians and scientists to develop a treatment that can put the immune system back on track. TRION has achieved this goal with its trifunctional Triomab® antibodies. Removab® (catumaxomab), the most advanced Triomab® candidate, received EU market approval in 2009 and is the first bispecific, trifunctional antibody on the market worldwide.

Following the acquisition of all rights to the early Triomab® prototypes from the Helmholtz Zentrum München in 1998, TRION has built a comprehensive patent estate around its compounds and its unique development approach. This portfolio of worldwide IP rights secures the company’s unique and independent position in the world of monoclonal antibodies.